Week Two KB Burn Extreme Beta Testing

Week Two – This week was much better and I have started to get into the groove of this program.  So, I put the ipod on shuffle and got to work.

Here are my stats at the end of week 2:

Weight – 177 lbs
Body Fat – 12 %
Day 1

Training – 20kg, ladders to 3, 11 sets (previous 8 sets), towards the end, it was getting difficult

Nutrition – Starting to feel okay not eating when I first wake up.

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Music – “Jesus Built my Hot Rod” Ministry

Day 2

Training – 20kg, ladders 2, 4, 6, 10 sets (previous 8 sets), felt good

Nutrition – Hungry in the morning but feeling okay and not too grumpy.

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Music – “Control” Puddle of Mud

Day 3

Training – 20kg, sets of 3, 21 sets (previous 19 sets), felt strong at the end and could have pushed out more sets.  However, kept my RPE at 85%.

Nutrition – Not bad today.  Feel much better than Day 3 last week.

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Music – “Wonder What’s Next” Chevelle and “Only” NIN

Day 4

Training – 20kg, sets of 6, 18 sets (previous 16 sets)

Nutrition – Good day but started to get a craving for a big burrito!

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Music – “Sabatage” Beastie Boys and “Lively Up Yourself” Bob Marley

Day 5

Training – 20kg, sets of 2, 25 sets (previous 21 sets), performed each set at the top of the minute. Felt strong and could have used two 24’s.  I need to order another one but we are going to Vegas soon!

Nutrition – A little change in the nutrition this day.  I worked out with my wife in the morning and spread out my meals throughout the rest of the day.

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Music – “Sweet Home Alabama” remix on Sirius’ Electric Area Channel

Day 6

Training – 20kg, sets of 8, 14 sets (previous 10 sets)

Nutrition – Cheat day! Started with oatmeal and my wife made me an awesome green smoothie with coconut water and other good stuff.  Then the cheating began.  First there was an apple fritter, some pizza, then it was a big fat burrito and a Surf Patrol Black IPA beer from Surf Brewery.  I couldn’t resist.

Recovery – Missed the foam roller because I had to go teach.  I paid for this latter!

Music – “Californiation” Red Hot Chili Peppers

Day 7

Rest day

Nutrition – Fasting.  Started off feeling very good and made it all the way until dinner time.  That’s when I couldn’t skip and I had our Sunday dinner with the family.  However, I could have skipped dinner but eating with my family on Sunday is very important.

Stay tuned until next week.


Week One KB Burn Extreme Beta Testing

Kettlebell Burn Extreme is a short four week program that is designed to burn fat and build muscle.  With only four weeks, there are few sneaky tricks for rapid fat loss that are introduced throughout the program.  As Geoff Neupert mentions, “You may be uncomfortable.”  No joke!

The training portion of it uses basic double kettlebell exercises but is designed to put extreme stress on the body by increasing the effort level each week.  Unlike KB Burn, KBE training sessions are 6 days a week with one rest day on the 7th day.  I won’t go into the details of the training but I will post my progress.

The extreme nutrition portion of this program is the toughest part hands down.  Once again, I won’t go into the details but  the main strategy is to consume 80% of the daily calories after a training session.  Then through in a cheat day and a fasting day and that is it.

Here are my beginning stats:

Weight – 183 lbs
Body Fat – 13.8%
Waist – 36″
Hips – 42.5″
Leg – 22″
Arm (relaxed) – 13.5″
Shoulders – 46.5″
Chest – 40.5

So, the first week of KBE on the books.  I tried to keep the training sessions at about 75% of my total exertion. Nutrition portion was TOUGH.  I usually wake up early and make breakfast.  While trying to consume 80% after my workouts (usually at noon), this meant my first meal wasn’t until 11:00.  Ouch!  Here are the results :

Day 1

Training – 20kg, ladders to 3, 8 sets, felt good

Nutrition – Very hungry in the morning

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Day 2

Training – 20kg, ladders 2, 4, 6, 8 sets, felt good

Nutrition – Still hungry in the morning and headache until after training

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Day 3

Training – 20kg, sets of 3, 19 sets, hard at the end

Nutrition – STAY AWAY day.  Morning was not good and I had low energy.

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Day 4

Training – 20kg, sets of 6, 16 sets, good effort at 75%

Nutrition – Headache still but staring to feel better

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Day 5

Training – 20kg, sets of 2, 21 sets, just the right amount of effort to keep it at 75%. I had to slow it down a bit not to over do it.

Nutrition – Finally felt good in the morning

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Day 6

Training – 20kg, sets of 8, 10 sets

Nutrition – Cheat day! Started off with oatmeal and a green smoothie and then it was all down hill.  During the week, I was craving a raspberry donuts.  Not sure why but I had one and it was good.

Recovery – foam roller and cold shower

Day 7

Rest day

Nutrition – Fasting.  Well, I started off good until around 1:00.  I was totally out of it and I had to eat a little something.  My wife made some awesome egg, veggie cupcakes and I ate one.  Then I held out as much as I could until our family Sunday dinner.  I couldn’t miss this one so I ate.  This was definitely the hardest thing I have tried to do.  In the next few weeks, my plan is to do the best I can with the fasting but eat dinner with my family.  We will see how it goes.

Stay tuned until next week.


Kettlebell Burn Extreme Beta Test

Last year I finished Kettlebell Burn and noticed some good results.  After ‘Burn, I jumped into Geoff Neupert’s Kettlebell Muscle and packed on about 11 pounds.  Last week, I just completed the 15:15 protocol Viking Warrior Conditioning 80 sets with the 20 kg bell.  This program definitely improved my Max VO2.  I was planning on doing the 36:36 protocol of the Viking Warrior Conditioning when the opportunity to test out Geoff Neupert’s Kettlebell Burn Extreme.

Without any hesitation, I switched up my training and will start Kettlebell Burn Extreme Beta Test this week.  The program is extreme and it’s going to be tough.  Stay tuned for my weekly updates and my initial measurements.

My Response to RiverPark Amendment

Here is a copy of the letter I sent to the City:


Amendment to the Riverpark Specific Plan

Here is what I have found in the lastest request to amend the Riverpark Specific Plan.  We need to show up at the Planning Commission on June 2nd, 7:00 pm.


  • Residential units increased from 2,895 to 3,145 – a change of 340 additional dwelling units
  • Commercial decreased from 2.5 million SF to 2.1 million SF
  • Planning District C changed from “Covention/Hotel” to “West Corridor Commercial District”
  • The area for Planning Zone B decreased and Planning Zone C increased


Quick Table of the Modifications:

Planning Zone Modifications
A Developer is selecting Option A – mostly residential high.  But is requesting to increase the density from 317-440 to 500-532.
B Commercial area reduced from 13.8 ac to 5.5 ac, 260,000 SF to 104 SF and added offices as a permitted use.
C Total area increased (the amount reduced by B).  Reduced the size of the commercial hotel from 510,000 SF to 272,000 SF, added 24 acres of commercial at 206,000 SF.
D Decreased the commercial/retail area from 935,000 SF to 904,000 SF.  Increased the density of the residential (high) from 220-300 units to 470-512 units.
E Added a public facility to this area
F Increasing the residential (high) from 140-260 units to 140-310 units (maximum of 50 units). Decreased the residential (medium) from 150-190 units to 150-172 units (maximum of 18).  A maximum increase of 32 units.
G Decreased the residential medium (live/work) from 20,000 SF to 15,000 SF


Here are the apartment changes:

  • Lot coverage increased from 40% to 80%
  • Building Ht. was set at an average of 35’.  The amendment is for a maximum of 60’ or 5 stories.
  • Added a condition to all apartment project shall have a parking management plan


“Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.” ~ Lance Armstrong

Law Quote

Being a lawyer is about serving justice.  that’s not only our greatest calling, it’s our only calling.

Bizarre Laws

In Indiana, it is illegal for a liquor store to sell cold soft drinks.

Bizarre Laws and Law Quote

Bizarre Laws – In New York, it’s against the law to throw a ball at someone’s head for fun.

“A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better attorney.”

Kettlebell Burn Review

My "After" photo

Now that I am finished with Kettlebell Burn, I thought I would write a comprehensive review of this program.

First off, this training program works to burn fat.  During the process, you will also gain strength and endurance.  But the biggest benefit is that it burns tons of fat.  When I first started this program, I was weighing in over 190 pounds and my body fat in the mid to upper 20’s (estimated).  At the completion of the program, I was at 170 pounds.  I didn’t measure my body fat since I don’t have any calipers (I wish I did).  However, I feel like my body fat percentage was at least cut in half.  This program is the most effective method of burning fat that I have used.

I feel that there are two main areas that are needed to be successful during this program – Dedication and Nutrition


During this program, you need to be dedicated.  The program must be followed exactly.  No modifications or additions.  This was a hard concept to buy into.  Before this program, I just finished Enter The Kettlebell program and was training about 5 to 6 days a week.  With KB Burn, the training sessions are only three days a week.  My first thought was how could I burn fat by only training three days a week?  Even during the first week I was wondering if this was going to work.  I thought maybe I should throw in another training session.  Through the direction of Geoff Neupert, I stuck to the program of working three days a week and with NO modifications – even when I was temped to do more.

Here’s the deal.  The days you are training are going to be hard!  The days you are not training are to be used to recover. Without the recover days, then the training days will not be as intensive and therefore, the amount of fat burning will be reduced.  Now the recover days should not be plopped down in front of the television watching “The Biggest Loser” (ha – another hot topic).  Don’t get me wrong, there were “recover” day where I wanted to sleep all day.  However, the key is doing some type of active recovery.  On my recover days, I would take my dog for a long walk.  I would focus on making sure my hips were loose.  I would also try go get in some stretching and some work on the foam roller (ouch).

I also kept an accurate record of my training sessions.  In KB Burn, there are sheets included to track your progress.  I highly recommend keeping up with this.  This was key with me and my dedication.  Every week, I would try to improve on the number of sets or reps within the given time.  And of course, always made sure that my form was not slipping.  Without writing down what you did before makes it difficult to know exactly what you did.  I printed out several training session logs and placed them in a small binder.  Also included in my binder was a print out of the exercises in each training session.  This made training a no brainer.  I didn’t have to think or remember what exercises are with Training Session A.


Nutrition is another key to this program.  Geoff makes some good recommendations in KB Burn.  Following his recommendations will yield some positive results.  First thing to remember to be successful in any fat burning program,  a person must burn more calories than what they consume.  With KB Burn, each training session will be hard work and you will be hungry immediately after.  Without a nutrition plan, it is possible that you could eat a ton and gain weight in this program.  Don’t get me wrong, there were days when my nutrition wasn’t the best.  I stuck to the 80% rule.  Under this rule, I would keep to my nutrition plan about 80% of the time.  The other 20% would be what ever I wanted.  Every once in a while I’ve got to have a cheese burger and french fries from In-N-Out.  So remember to treat yourself.

So here is a typical nutrition plan that I used during the week.  I tend to keep this plan Monday through Friday.  I modify this a bit on the weekends (80% rule):

Morning – eggwhites, fruit, a piece of Ezekiel sprouted bread, coffee, water – Sometimes I would substitute coffee with Advocare Spark.

Mid-Morning – Oatmeal, fruit

Lunch (before training) – chicken breast, salad

After Training – protein shake

Afternoon snack – almonds, yogurt, fruit

Dinner – lean protein (chicken, pork tenderloin, fish, turkey), steamed veggies

That is about it.  A few things to remember.  Drink water.  Always carry a water bottle everywhere you go. Make it a priority to plan for your meals throughout the week.  If you have everything planned, it makes it easy.  When you are hungry and you did not have a plan, you will tend to eat anything – usually bad stuff.  Last thing, don’t freak out if you go off the wagon once in awhile.  Remember the 80% rule and get back to your plan.

Other Stuff

Other key thing to get is a timer.  I used the Gymboss http://www.gymboss.com/ This makes the intervals easy to keep track.  It is also easy to keep track of the 10 minute part of the training session.  Last thing you want to do is to go over the 10 minutes.

Kettlebell size – Make sure that you are challenging yourself.  Determine what size your 10 rep max would be.  Also, keep track on how the difficulty of each training session.  In my training log, I write down a number from 1 to 10 on how difficult the session was.  If the sessions are getting easy, then it may be time to move up in size.

In the first few weeks, your grip will start to fail during the swing intervals.  Keep it up and make sure you have good form.  Your grip will improve.  You will also do a ton of Turkish Get Ups.  Love or hate them (I love them), they will strengthen your core and shoulders.  You will notice the benefits later on during the program.  Trust me.  You will also not be doing any snatches until week 7.  However, you will be performing various exercises during the first 6 weeks to increase your strength, especially for the snatch.  You will be surprised.

The KB Burn is a great program to loose fat and gain strength.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

If you choose to do this program, good luck and train hard.